Burning Into Existence

The binds broken,
Unleashed upon the world.
Beauty and power flow through,
A mirror of divinity on this plane.
Know what you hold inside,
To be the power of gods,
Creation and destruction,
The ebb and flow of all.

Unfettered from duality,
Truth is yours to see,
Be not blinded by thee.
Darkness and light,
Order and chaos,
Flow from the same tree.

The child knows, believes,
Issuing from the realms.
Yet they are broken down,
Through years of oppression.
We teach them and guide them,
In what we profess to know.
Learning so little ourselves,
As they hold the keys.

Be not dogma’s slave,
For they are all their own slaves.
Interpretations of translations,
Of a subjective imagination.
The universes inside you,
The worlds before you.
Explore them with innocence,
Destroying all fallacies.
Let your truth shine out with joy,
Remove what would snuff you out.
Fire creates and destroys,
Let the world burn anew.

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