Call to the Universe

A call to the universe has been answered,
Bringing unexplainable circumstance.
Fear creeps in like an unwelcome lover,
Whispering thoughts into my mind.

Slowly I realize the power of consciousness,
The power of gods brought forth by will.
I am no longer a slave to another’s reality,
No longer a slave to mind or emotion.

Perception is the key to the universe,
Belief is a tool and not a crutch.
Ever changing and ever growing,
We are the masters of our own reality.

A boy becomes a man,
When he realizes his limitations.
Pushing the boundaries of previous thought,
Seeking new borders to cross over.

I stand on the precipice of the universe,
Waiting to leap and soar into divinity.
Seeking connection and communications,
With the faceless forms that abound.

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