Ever Onward

Quiet before the storm, thunder crackles across the barriers.
Lightning flashes, illuminating a well trodden and familiar path.
It begins and fear grips the heart.
The mind steadfast from experience.

There is no map nor sign post for this journey.
Few guides with cryptic instructions undeciphered.
The journey is yours alone to tread.
Your heart and intuition the final word.

The road begins with two paths.
One for those moving forward.
One for those turning back.
It narrows ever onward until the end.
Stop not at the seeming impasse.
You’ve acquired the tools to clear a path.

These are dark and harsh trails to blaze.
Let not the comfort and safety of a clearing keep you.
They are but states of rest, temporary and unsatisfying.
Yours is the journey you fear to take.

Pass through darkness to find light.
Find both within.
Deny one, receive neither.

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