Final Birth

Before the beginning of memory,
Your breath, blood and bone gave life.
A time of peaceful slumber,
Nestled within your strife.

The moment of separation,
As you suffered nature’s course.
Now tasked with love and care,
Of a helpless and senseless force.

Your sacrifice never ceasing,
Giving all for decades to come.
The souls you issued forth,
Themselves need saving from.

No recompense will suffice,
No balancing the scale.
In the shadows of your compassion,
We will always pale.

The shrinking of your visage,
As you prepare for the return.
Like a child in becoming,
The light dims its burn.

Nothing has diminished,
Simply transmuted beyond sight.
As the vessel loosens its grip,
For the beauty of your flight.

Rest easy in the knowing,
The world is greater for your care.
We have all been blessed,
In a mother so rare.

Worry not for your children,
This journey is complete.
Find peace in the hereafter,
Let eternity rest at your feet.

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