From the Dream We Return

Crisp air of the seasons,
Shifting awareness to the Fall.
Like leaves descending the tree,
Life’s movements come to us all.
Fluttering down softly,
We lay within the stream.
Carried ever gently,
As we wake from the dream.
The waters ever changing,
Rocks breaking the placidity.
Then moving to loving stillness,
Euphoria ours to see.
The bumps and bruises come and go,
The treacherous paths we face.
To reach the lasting destination,
Returning to heaven’s grace.
Seek not the stillness of the water,
For there stagnant death is sure.
It is within the chaos and tumult,
That the life blood is most pure.
The time will come for rest,
Settling on the final shore.
Crumbling into the blackened soil,
Till the dream we find once more.

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