Know Fear Know Pain

A tight squeeze in the frontal lobe,
Neural pathways re-routing.
The initiatory process of becoming
Is not without sacrifice.
What is attained without cost,
Holds little to no value.
Revel in the pains of growth,
As you transcend.

Embrace the void within,
For it is the great reality.
Embrace your true nature,
For it is divine perfection.
Accept the corporeal instinct,
For it is the lifespring of this realm.
Accept the intellect and its passions,
For they are the keys to embrace wisdom.

This may require being sequestered
In the padded casket above or below.
Perhaps relegation to dereliction,
A vagrant among the masses.
Yet maybe the path is truth,
Leading outside the orthodox.
The well worn path
Holds nothing we seek to find.

What comes is inevitable,
Destroy the fear, and with it, the pain.

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