Let That Fucker Burn

There was a time I was the passionate one,
Full of faith and fervor setting out upon the world.
Even when the chips were down I kept on,
Full of ego and ready to trade blows. 
The limits of sanity stretched,
pain tolerance increased.
You give in little by little,
While life sucks you dry.
Can you hear it,
The screams of your dreams,
Dying in your arms?
Listen closer now,
The faint voice beyond,
Singing the song of a love long lost,
There is nothing to fear there.
The world thinks you insane,
Yet this voice speaks the truth.
This world is the one gone mad,
Feeding on the dreams of the innocent.
Peddling manufactured hope,
Through synthetic experience.
Those that channel their inner resources,
Follow their own guides and signs,
Steering clear of the broad and well worn path,
These are the pioneers and visionaries of old.
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,
Burning away the flesh, to find the divine.
Is the life you built dying and fading away?
Let it go, let that fucker burn to ash.
There is nothing in this world worth holding on to,
It all fades and dies away in the end.
Family, friends, lovers,
They come and go over the spans of time,
But those people, that love, never truly leaves you.
Things of value are from authentic experience,
The memories of the mind and the feelings of the heart.
Real or imagined, it makes no difference,
The experience is the same in mind and body.
So dream your dreams, live your fantasies,
Rise to the top of this vast universe.
All comes from the power of the mind,
One first imagines in order to manifest.
You will fail and you will fall,
That is all part of the experience,
Get your ass up and go again,
Don’t get caught up in the distraction.
This world is real and unavoidable,
Make it one you can bear to face.

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