Mystical Recovery

“To us, the Realm of Spirit is broad, roomy, all inclusive; never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek. It is open, we believe, to all men.”

Having been opened up to the realm of the spirit, I began researching old text trying to find an understanding of what was happening. The first thing apparent was that I was not alone. While the journey is mine alone, and no one can do it for me, there are guides and methodologies abound. Unfortunately there are no clear cut answers, no cookie cutter instructions for how to apply these to your life. It requires consistent practice with trial and error. I’ve had to find methods that work, discard those that don’t, and create my personal practice as I go.

The more I read, the more I see. I find that there is a confluence or symmetry in what I’ve learned in recovery and all religions and mystical practices. I first began my journey of recovery believing that all the references to God were that of christian origin. They consistently said that this was not the case. That it was only spiritual in nature and not tied to any religion, but I did not truly believe it. I still had the prejudices of my past and a constant feeling of being an outsider. While many of the members are religious and have this misconception, it was not the intention of the founders of the program. I see so many references to the mystical now, right down to the circle and triangle they use to symbolize their fellowship. The triangle being an alchemical symbol for fire/spirit and the circle of protection. The symbol has even been used in more sorcerous endeavors like summoning demons and/or spirits.

For sure, faith and belief are what makes these things real. According to the hermetics, the universe is mental. We are all the mental creations of a higher being that is beyond understanding or definition. As we are a part of this being's imagination, we are a part of it and have similar abilities to create, through our own minds. Other worlds, beings, gods, devils. The limit is our own imagination. There is a singular reality who’s laws we must adhere to, but it is not only a physical reality. There is a physical, mental and spiritual world. Sound familiar? A physical, mental and spiritual disease? Everything starts in the spiritual, thus a spiritual solution allows us to heal mentally and physically. Again, so many similarities.

It’s hard to tell if the feelings I’m having are spiritual in nature or just physical effects of aging and/or disease. I like to believe that it is my mind and soul opening up to the universe, and the spirit that resides within is stirring. Meditation is helping and it feels as though I’m learning to adjust to the influx of energies coursing through my body. One thing is certain; the fear I felt when this started has drastically reduced. When it does crop up, I’m able to release it through meditation and opening my mind to what is out there. Intuitive thoughts and realizations come when I am able to calm myself and listen. This is the hardest part of this process. Learning to quiet the mind and be still enough to hear it.

I’ve been able to reduce the clutter in my thoughts with daily practice and am working toward a still mind with no distraction. I know now that focus and clarity is what is required to progress. This will only be accomplished through daily practice and mindfulness of what I allow in my thoughts. I initially hoped I would find the right mentor or the right magic to accomplish this, but there are no shortcuts. Were my mind to open up in such a short timeframe, I would likely go insane, or at best, I and everyone around me would suffer through the adjustment period. I must be satisfied with steady forward progress. 

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