Natural Order

Tears of heaven swirling,
In the blackness of the night,
The winds of change howling, 
Begging for a fight.
As the rage of mother’s nature,
Rains down with all its fury.
The populace takes shelter,
With fear and constant worry.
The passerine continue,
Singing their wondrous song
The foragers scurry on,
To toil among their throng.
What lessons might they teach us,
Of our place within this world.
The diminutiveness of our existence,
Within the ether we are swirled.
Pieces of the puzzle,
Incomplete were we not there.
Yet minuscule in stature,
When the full breadth comes to bear.
All with their own part to play,
In the symphony of life.
Overstepping of one’s station,
Precipitating all strife.

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