No Answer Necessary

Disastrous pitfalls of the mind conflicting with self preservation,
Descending from the heights of elation.
The vast desert of reality pummeling with waves of torridity,
Searching and striving for personal legacy.

What does this future hold for any of us? What if anything is listening to the prayers of all religion? I cast my voice into the void, hoping for an answer, yet I’m left feeling as empty as the echo of my voice on the wall. Perhaps it’s another phase of questioning and too much expectation for a resolution.

Perhaps I should face my fears of existence for existence's sake. Purpose and meaning are all open to interpretation. If the gods of old are truly dead, does this life have any less meaning? Does this supposition require a life of depravity and selfish aim, or can one’s betterment and growth come from within.

Peaks and valleys, heights and depths, alternating wavelengths are what make this real. One followed by the latter and with equal force. Strip down the ego, and float unveiled in the waters of the universe. Whether the true cause still exists has no worth, the motion continues regardless.

Wait not for answers from faceless beings in the dark. Center your mind in the reality deep within and focus this power into the world. Create the destiny for which you seek channeling the power of the stars on the earth.

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