Rage Distilled

Transported to flowery pasture,
The great oak, tall on the hill.
A fox now your ally,
About to test your will.

Descending within the tree,
Sliding down the spiral path.
The fox a beast, a head of three,
Preparing to face your wrath.

The portal opens to darkness,
Illuminated by what you fear.
A giant of molten earth,
Immense horns of a steer.

A roar unleashed echos,
Shaking all to their core.
The battle now begun,
Time to even the score.

Magma projected upon you,
Yet spirit can never burn.
Rising from the flames,
Let us take our turn.

Flying about the behemoth,
And into its darkest heart.
Heka growing inside you,
The manifestation torn apart.

Now confined and tamed,
A sphere of rage distilled.
The choice to destroy it,
Or find use with it to build.

All things serve purpose,
Even anger and pride.
These things have no control,
No longer victim to the tide.

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