The Dark Womb

Travel low in the abyss,
Welcomed with darkened kiss.
Truth spoken deep inside,
Fulfill your charge, relinquish pride.

Let go child, the time is near,
Forgo all plan, release all fear.
Walk beyond, into what’s passed,
Within flame, the die is cast.

Enveloped with destructive force,
This lunar trial now plots a course.
Facades of self having burned to ash,
Fiery passions begin their lash.

Once stamped out with oppressive force,
Internal flames become the source.
None may hope to impede this path,
Without those suffering infinite wrath.

In darkened moon, journey begun,
Within shadow, lay the sun.
Burn away all that remains,
wipe away crimson stains.

Until the darkest night’s return,
Desire rekindles, begins to burn.

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