The Sun Guardian

The guardian forms incarnation,
Mapping destiny in the fibers of creation.
All things leading to the moment,
One of freedom and expression.

Bondage released and choice removed,
Faced squarely with the truth of reality.
Indecision leading to fortuitous events,
As that fates move in mystery.

Moralistic equations fade into the ether,
With the superfluous decision to respire.
The decisions made long ago,
Prior to screams of infantile ire.

The broken vessel must be repaired,
To endure the vibrations it must contain.
Perfected and strengthened,
Against the illusion of death and pain.

No longer a quest of self,
Purpose looms heavier than before.
Pains of growth as wounds heal,
A wellspring opens and begins to pour.

As the child happily astride the steed,
Rays shining from above.
Reborn to purity, clothed in ecstasy,
With but a spark of divine love.

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