The Tower

A light flashes in the distance,
Growing ever closer.
Feel the vibrations,
Coursing through.
Building, ever building,
Life becomes luminescent.
A mixture of fear and awe,
Descends with the storm.

The crackle is heard for miles,
While the crown begins to fall.
Once a slight tingle,
Now filled with convulsion.
A life’s work crumbles in seconds,
Cast into the depths below.
Enveloped in flames,
All seems lost in the fire.

Yet the structure still stands,
This is not the end.
Trial by fire,
A true test of one’s metal.
Those things that last,
Prevail against all odds.
What is destroyed,
Impediments of the soul.

Mourn not for those lost,
Your journey still awaits.
Scale the cliffs to the top,
Unhindered by limitation.
Brick by brick, rebuild,
Strengthened by experience.
The star is coming,
With the dawn of a new age.

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