Universe Inside

Loneliness is not what drives one to madness,
But the silence that floods in.
Adrift in seas of a dark subconscious,
Without direction or solidity in the vast expanse.

The overwhelming bewilderment of nothingness,
Brings to surface all that dwells in the deep.
Fear breeding mental constructs,
Forced to face what hides inside.

Forever seeking distraction and illusion,
To avoid the dark and ever present truth.
Seeking gods and saviors to release us,
With devils and demons for the blame.

Struggling to stay afloat for a vision,
A spot of dry land for rest.
The waters overtake you,
Your last gasps give way.
The struggle begins to fade,
As you realize your death has come.
The reality begins to set in,
There never was a breath to take.
The waters holding you in stasis.
Ethereal and whole.

All is fluid and malleable,
Change is just a matter of the tide.
Seek the power in the silence,
Find the universe inside.

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