Fickle Fate

Fate is a fickle little beast. In some ways it seems to drive all that is, yet it is not all that is. Each of us is responsible for the results in our lives. Yes, there are driving forces beyond our control, but they rarely push the boundaries of the human will backed by continuous action. Those things that happened, seemingly without provocation, are inevitably caused by some action in my past, or even my inaction. We are as responsible for allowing things to happen, as we are for making them happen. No, we cannot control what anyone else is doing for the most part, but we can choose whether to accept it and allow it in our lives or not. While those things that happen completely outside of our own purview, either define us and drive us towards better things, or bend us towards self-destruction.

I chose to be where I am today. Perhaps not consciously, or perhaps based on past criteria, but it was always decisions that seemed to carry the utmost benefit. Sometimes my benefit, sometimes the benefit of others, but all those decisions carried weight. They all created the structure in which I now sit. If there are pieces, or whole sections of the structure I find questionable, it falls on me to take the lead and remove them or reconstruct them into something better. It’s much easier if you do that early in the process though. Otherwise, there could be some major deconstruction required.

So yes, there are driving winds, and the ground shifts, and the waves crash, and we must take all these things into account. But we choose where we build, what materials to build with, and the manner of construction. We choose the quality of our own foundation to be built upon. Faith and fate do play parts in this life, but they are only undercurrents. The real friction comes from our own hands and feet, the voice from our own lungs, throat and tongue, the force from our own muscle and bone, the true passion from our own heart and mind combined. The fates weave patterns in the threads of life, yet we choose the threads and colors, and those choices are always subject to change.

The idea of fate has typically been defined as a singular, inescapable path, but how many roads do you know of that are not connected to others. The number of paths we might take at any moment may be infinite. Predefined perhaps, but imagine all the pathways and roads on this earth. Then broaden that scope to all the potential pathways in the known universe. Take that even further to alternate dimensions. Then expand even further into a multiverse of potential paths. Predefined perhaps, yet the number of possibilities are beyond comprehension.

Bearing that in mind, resigning myself to fate is a mere excuse, and a refusal to make an actual decision on which path to take. We can seek guidance, divine or otherwise, but the choices are ours to make, and the action is ours to take. We are also free to change those decisions at any time, and begin the process of moving in a different direction.

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