Through the Sun

The day and time upon us,
For this, the Mercurial flow.
Rising from the corporeal,
Through truth we must go.
Beyond Lilith’s grasp,
The illusions begin to break.
A prophet turned angel,
Reveals the portal to take.

Flowing cycles and circles,
In Saturn’s light revealed.
Universal machinations,
Availing the moon as their shield.
Stepping through her glory,
Cool waters flow within.
Pray unto the messenger,
Stepping out of your skin.

The moon a mere reflection,
Through the sun you must move on.
The fires of Ra’s awakening,
Devouring darkness into dawn.
Like a child on magical steed,
Sunflowers about you grow.
The jackal sternly guides you,
The tombs of Giza in a row.

Beyond the great river,
Horus of the horizon stands tall.
In this feline monolith,
A choir answers your call.
A warrior now before you,
His sword within flame.
A great book laid before you,
Knowledge for which you came.

The music begins to move you,
Thrust within the mind of all.
Athenaeum of Alexandrian magnitude,
Minds and memories in thrall.
Tehuti’s vision finds you,
Divining whence you came.
His quill now in motion,
Revealing your true name.

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