Release of Self

Verdant transformations becoming, bringing all the light of the stars into an earthly form. The world no longer holds the same meaning, as a child outgrows foolish dreams. The beginning is behind us and the end has yet to come. In between lies growth and pain and suffering, as we learn release. There is nothing left to hold on to and nothing that remains. 

We shift, we push, we pull, attempting to drag our effigies of existence through the sands of time. The journey moves more swiftly without this unnecessary weight. We may feel lost without those foundations, yet all things crumble in the expanse of time. Try as we may to avoid it, but our star dust will dissolve back into the matrices of this universal existence.

Release yourself into the fold, and take your place in the tapestry. Cease the struggle of self and individuation, and climb onto the throne of the masters. Dive into the depths of what you fear, and find all things for which you have been longing.

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