Son of the Sun

Diatribes of mad men flushing through mindless matter. Blasting all that remains of the small child into a mindless existence. The root, having been morbidly modified through aeons of degradation.

The task at hand is obliteration, destruction, chaos. If tracing back source is the ultimate act, then destruction of what has been stolen is of the utmost importance.

Expanses of knowledge and firm understanding are but means to an end. The reverse brings blindness as can be readily seen. The wisdom of years transforming knowledge to speculation. For what is truly known, that cannot be disassembled in the light of introspection. A slight shift in perspective altering the very fabric of existence.

Reaching inside through the layers of years, piercing all that was presumed as truth. Digging ever deeper beyond illusory veils of continuity, slipping through the cracks of falsehood. Moving even further, beyond the moon, mercury and venus, lay a deeper connection with the center of this universe, the center of being.

Assume the light of a solar existence. Resolve the darkness of the corporeal, seek beyond the light of lunar illusion. Continue through false thought and emotion, and find the greatest voice within.

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