Boredom and Creativity

Creativity seems to require a bit of boredom and/or displeasure in life as it stands. Why else would we be compelled to create something that isn’t there, or to look at things through a different lens (pun intended). Today is a day where nothing is wrong, but nothing seems to go right. Lack of proper sleep, stressing over small stuff, and general irritability for no specific reason.

So I grab my gear and head into the woods. There’s nobody in sight and the area is swampy and muddy from previous rain storm. Everything had been drying out a couple months back, and I was concerned something was wrong. Seeing all this water set my mind at ease a bit. I’m coming up on a log the local turtles frequent to sunbath. I set up my camera, zoom as far as I can, and inch closer and closer so they don’t dive off into the water. I get right to the edge of where they typically notice me, and all is well.

Then a neighbor comes blaring some talk show, walking their dog. I still have a few seconds before they get too close, so I aim, focus, and get my finger on the trigger. Now they bellow that they’re coming past behind me, that their dog doesn’t like people so she’s giving me a wide berth, and isn’t it crazy that the minnows are already out. I politely nod, while wishing I could wide berth her into the pond.

Nearly all the turtles are gone, but fortunately one was either guarding their nest, or just too comfortable and lazy to move. It posed for me, checking me out as I took several shots and made some changes for exposure. I changed positions multiple times, and it never moved. I suppose that helped me relax a bit as well. The turtle has no fucks to give, so why should I?

Prior to that, I was a bit disappointed that the ducks were all gone, and there didn’t appear to be anything photo worthy. After experiencing turtlevana, I slowed my roll a bit and decided to get experimental. I can’t say I came away with anything National Geographic worthy, but life seemed a bit better, having taken what I needed and having something to give. It just took a shift in focus and a few less fucks.

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