Evolution I

My mother is gone, and our family has yet to recover. There were some great bonding moments between my father and I, yet even those have faded into the gray clouds she left behind. My sister went further down the spiral, now living in a halfway house. She makes progress from time to time, but … More Evolution I


Allow feeling its rightful place.Experience, the very purpose.Embracing life’s offerings.Loosely grasping at the surface. It comes, it goes.Impermanence ebbs and flows. Great mother’s bloom.Rising from ancestral tomb. Many fruit lay bitter sweet.No less joy found to eat. All must rest in earthly slumber.Rising whole in greater number.


23 years ago, I couldn’t imagine still being alive, let alone in a place where I wanted to live. I felt helpless, hopeless and beyond redemption. I carried with me a suitcase full of issues that could fill a library. Struggling with ideas of heaven and hell, I was damned, lost, dubbed demon by all, … More 23