Growing Up III

I left off with a trial by fire, but hadn’t realized that it was only the beginning of my ordeals at the time. It’s been a while since I’ve written, and much has taken place. I finally feel like I’m in a safe space and able to formulate my thoughts in a cohesive manner in … More Growing Up III

Growing Up II

I had no idea what was to become of me in the months and years to follow. The woman I began dating and I were falling in love even though neither of us really wanted to. We saw more and more of each other and I began to want things to move in a more … More Growing Up II

Growing Up I

At this point I was sponsoring other guys and helping them to find recovery. Until now everything was about me, and I wasn’t really giving anything back. This is where things really began to change for me. Good and bad, but changes none the less. You learn more about yourself when you help others than … More Growing Up I