Allow feeling its rightful place.Experience, the very purpose.Embracing life’s offerings.Loosely grasping at the surface. It comes, it goes.Impermanence ebbs and flows. Great mother’s bloom.Rising from ancestral tomb. Many fruit lay bitter sweet.No less joy found to eat. All must rest in earthly slumber.Rising whole in greater number.

Son of the Sun

Diatribes of mad men flushing through mindless matter. Blasting all that remains of the small child into a mindless existence. The root, having been morbidly modified through aeons of degradation. The task at hand is obliteration, destruction, chaos. If tracing back source is the ultimate act, then destruction of what has been stolen is of … More Son of the Sun

Release of Self

Verdant transformations becoming, bringing all the light of the stars into an earthly form. The world no longer holds the same meaning, as a child outgrows foolish dreams. The beginning is behind us and the end has yet to come. In between lies growth and pain and suffering, as we learn release. There is nothing … More Release of Self

Straight Up

In the beauty of reflection,Shadow comes to life.Illusion becoming sacrosanct,You peer into my soul.Barriers now opening,Balanced heart and mind.Soothing animosity,Your waters make me whole. By day moving ever forward,Beneath the Father’s gaze.In night, the Mother finds me,Bringing comfort and rest.His fire stretching outward,Creating life and will to be.Her cool glow draws me near,Embraced unto her … More Straight Up

Through the Sun

The day and time upon us,For this, the Mercurial flow.Rising from the corporeal,Through truth we must go.Beyond Lilith’s grasp,The illusions begin to break.A prophet turned angel,Reveals the portal to take. Flowing cycles and circles,In Saturn’s light revealed.Universal machinations,Availing the moon as their shield.Stepping through her glory,Cool waters flow within.Pray unto the messenger,Stepping out of your … More Through the Sun

Break It Down

Diatribe of persephone, Anubis claims his due. Broken arrow of malevolence Inching towards what’s true. Bring down the heavens, Portrayed in hindered sight. Forester of ignorance, Bastardize the weak ones’ plight. Feces covered membrane, Rotting in your coil. Break this world down, Bury it within the soil. Growing ever higher, Reaching towards the stars. Aligning … More Break It Down

Final Birth

Before the beginning of memory,Your breath, blood and bone gave life.A time of peaceful slumber,Nestled within your strife. The moment of separation,As you suffered nature’s course.Now tasked with love and care,Of a helpless and senseless force. Your sacrifice never ceasing,Giving all for decades to come.The souls you issued forth,Themselves need saving from. No recompense will … More Final Birth

From the Dream We Return

Crisp air of the seasons,Shifting awareness to the Fall.Like leaves descending the tree,Life’s movements come to us all.Fluttering down softly,We lay within the stream.Carried ever gently,As we wake from the dream.The waters ever changing,Rocks breaking the placidity.Then moving to loving stillness,Euphoria ours to see.The bumps and bruises come and go,The treacherous paths we face.To reach … More From the Dream We Return


It finds us all, as we cross the river. In every moment of sleep, it sweeps us away. With every transformation, Reborn from the husk of past life. The balance of black and white, Decay bringing new life. Those of faith, the child, the believer, Turn not away, but embrace and wonder. As it guides … More Death